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Loc Retwist $100 & up


Faux Locs any size - Consultation Required

"Feed in" Cornrows - $100 & up

Trim - $35 & up

Deep conditioning - $45 & up

Braid take down - $65 & up

Color - $85 & up

Men Straight backs - $100 & up


Designs Call for Consultation


Men Individual - $100 & up

Ponytails - $95 & up


Twist - $175 & up

Side Braids - $200 & up

Two Braids - $85 & up

Ponytails braids - $200 & up

Small cornrows - $150 & up

Box Braids Small - $275 & up

Box Braids Medium - $175 & up

Box Braids Large/Jumbo - $150 & up

Rvm Twist

Starter Locs, Faux Loc, and Sister locs

(Please Call for Consultations.)

In addition we offer many other services such as facials, brows, makeup, lashes and more. if there are any other services you wish to have performed you didn’t see please give us a call to see if we can accommodate. 


Same day cancellations will be subjected to a automatic $50-$100 cancellation fee, which will be required to be settled before your next appointment or paid in full at your next visit. We ask that you let us know days in advance, or at a very minimum within 24hrs of appointment. This system is used to Accommodate others who wish to take advantage of the available time slot originally set aside for you. If recurring cancellations happen, we reserve the right to not fulfill your requests for future experiences with  RVM TWIST.


Prices may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: stylist, length of hair, and amount of extensions used. All of these will have a huge and fair role in determining your final cost of services. Be advised that some styles take more time than others. Always be sure to ask staff about any current or upcoming promotions and package deals. Some locations may offer different services. please check with desiredt location.

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